Trends come and go…but some timeless trends are here to stay. Regardless of the style of your kitchen, some elements remain popular throughout the years. We call these “timeless trends” – things that always seem to be in vogue, no matter what other kitchen styles are trending at the time.

a kitchen with white cabinets and countertops and warm wooden furniture accents

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider these elements to ensure your kitchen doesn’t go out of style.

1. Workstation Sinks

a kitchen with a workstation sink

Workstation sinks are a feature that’s both trendy and timeless. These massive sinks come with ledges built-in and accessories that make prep, cooking, and cleanup a breeze. 

These practical sinks remain popular, even when trendier sinks pop up.

2. Neutral Color Theme, with Pops of Color

a neutral color palette - rusty oranges, cream, and sage greens

Sticking to a neutral color palette is a good way to help your kitchen feel less dated. However, you can still have fun by adding pops of color to elements that can be replaced, repainted, or refinished. 

The two obvious elements that fit those criteria are your cabinets and countertops. If you choose a trendy color for your cabinets now that falls out of favor, you can repaint or replace with a different color (or return to neutral). Likewise, countertops are a great way to experiment with trends as they can be replaced in the future. 

If you’re looking to stick to truly timeless options for both, sage green cabinets are almost always a popular choice, no matter the year.

3. Working Pantries

a large pantry with open shelving and a workstation surface

a coffee bar with vertical cabinets

A working pantry adds a pantry space to your home that also provides space to store dishes and do meal prep. They can also include surface areas for eating or working – the possibilities are up to you. 

A working pantry helps improve the flow and function of your kitchen – two things that never go out of style.

4. Coffee/Tea Bars

Upgrading your kitchen with a dedicated coffee/tea bar is another great way to improve the function of your kitchen. A dedicated space for drink prep makes it easy to stash items away from valuable counter space elsewhere in the kitchen.

5. Eat-in Kitchens 

You’ve likely noticed that most of the timeless trends are ones that add functionality to your kitchen – and this is no exception. Eat-in kitchens offer a more casual way to enjoy a meal or just spend time in the kitchen. The most common version remains seating around a kitchen island, but other eat-in styles are just as perpetually popular.

6. Cabinets with a Thin Profile

kitchen with a white island and statement lights

Cabinetry can quickly date a kitchen, so it can be hard to know what to choose that will remain in style for the longest. Picking a neutral color with a thin profile is generally the safest option for timeless appeal. This can be in the form of a flat slab door or a slim shaker door. Either way – these cabinets strike a balance between classic and modern. 

7. Mixing and Matching Wood and Painted Elements

kitchen with both wood cabinets and painted white cabinets

It can be tricky to know how much wood to bring into the space. Wood can feel very 70s and 80s, but all paint (or no wood at all) feels 90s and 00s – neither are the effect you want if you’re looking for timelessness.

Your best bet is to aim for a mixture of wooden and painted elements. We like to mix and match with counters and cabinets, and/or with counters and islands. Using both styles in your kitchen will avoid leaning too heavily into an outdated time period.

kitchen with vertical storage

8. Using Your Full Height

No matter what style you choose, scaling for your specific kitchen is vital. Don’t neglect the vertical space within your kitchen! Titus designers help scale your trends for balance, flow, and portion.

Stay Timeless with a Kitchen Design Expert

Balancing what’s trendy with what will stand the test of time is a challenge, but one that Titus loves to take on. Take it from Steph Morris – an Interior Designer at Titus:

“One trend that will never disappear is function first. The use of the space is the first step. My design philosophy is function, form and feeling. That is how we work together to find the right kitchen for you.”

The Titus Contracting team is filled with expert craftsmen, who are your advocates throughout the entire kitchen design and remodeling process. We take pride in our work from start to finish, and at the end of the project, you’ll walk into a dream kitchen that’s been tailor-made for you and your family, spotlessly clean and ready to enjoy.

Our team of design-build experts are here to help. Call for a design consultation today at 952-746-7817 or contact us online for a project estimate.

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