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When it comes to remodeling our homes, most of us want to have the perfect living space that complements who we are and how we live.

It may reflect our line of work, our hobbies, or perhaps our family heritage, but in some way or another, as homeowners, we like to put our personalized touch on our home. It is these personal touches in décor, design, and even architecture that make the walls of the house become a space we call home.

Ways to Design a Model Perfect Living Space

If you are new to design or perhaps have recently gotten the urge to customize your home, it can be somewhat overwhelming – but don’t panic. Rather, take a few minutes to bring in some design pros, as well as a professional contractor to help you determine what can – or cannot – be done with your space. Consulting with them, you can develop a plan based on the structural capabilities of your home, as well as its design potential.

For home remodeling in St Paul, you can count on Titus Contracting. We can help with both the design and implementation of the project. As you begin the process of creating that perfect living space, we can review options with you that will make the most of each space.

Remodeling ideas and tips to consider that make home life better:Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen Living Space

  1. Plan for a lower level renovation. Plan the job thoroughly. This is truly the most important part of the process. Pay close attention to what the contractor tells you is possible with your space. Just because you want to take out a wall between the office and living room, it doesn’t mean you can, structurally. Once you know what structural changes can realistically be made, it is safe to move ahead.
  2. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider having custom bookshelves, cabinetry, furniture, or woodworking included to show off your style. There are many ways to put a fresh spin on a traditional space.
  3. Add a home addition and bring the outside in. Talk to us about adding a large picture window in a new wing or room that might be a bit too dark otherwise. Have a decorative window seat built, complete with shelving or a hidden storage area, and you now have extra seating, plus more light, and a beautiful way to showcase your style.
  4. The kitchen’s the heart of a home. For many families, the kitchen is where the day begins and ends, so why not show off your personality with custom cabinetry and a fun eat-in dining space? Whether it is with unique wood designs, inset shelving, a custom-built table, bar or workspace, stone countertops, an unconventional paint pattern, or other features, the kitchen is a great space to show off your style and heritage.
  5. Master bedroom suites to sleep well. No home makeover would be complete without taking time to design bedrooms that encourage rest and rejuvenation. You can add a custom designed walk-in closet, a hidden alcove for unwinding, or another special element that invites you in. Our contractors can help you create an in-home getaway that caters to your every need.
  6. It’s a wash. Are you ready to stop thinking of your bathroom as just a necessary space in the home? We can turn your basic bathroom into a home spa with custom cabinetry and counters, textured finishes, spa elements, and more. All you have to do for your spa retreat is leave your cell phone behind and let yourself slip away into relaxation.

Designing a living space that is all about you doesn’t have to be on your “someday” list. Whether you’re are ready for a fall home remodeling project, or winter, it can be done now! The Titus Contracting team has years of experience in building custom spaces for homeowners and would love to help you make your dream a reality. Learn how to prepare for your free consultation.

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