Is your entertainment space small, and you’re unsure of how your space could ever be transformed to something you love?

Regardless of its size or how social you are, a home entertainment space naturally creates a welcoming, and fun environment. If it is skillfully designed, this inviting room can become your favorite place to hang out with friends and family, host office parties, watch Netflix, read or unwind with a glass of wine after work.

So, how do you make a small entertainment space function well for these types of events?

Today, our design team is sharing a few tips on function and form of an entertainment space – plus four exciting ideas for an entertainment area in your home. Keep reading to learn how to maximize space in your small entertainment space to best suit your lifestyle.

The Function and Form of an Entertainment Space

The function of an entertainment space is to facilitate leisure activities and serve as a comfortable gathering space for you and your guests. Its form can be soothing or exciting, depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you are an introvert and prefer to relax alone, a cozy fireplace with built-in’s would be a great living room design idea. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert and enjoy having friends over regularly, a more energetic environment with a banquette dining area or a wet bar would be suitable.

How to Make a Small Area Appear Bigger

We all know that clutter and busy decor can make a small room feel smaller, right? Keeping your decor chic and simple is better approach to make a small area appear bigger. Use minimal furniture, and let plenty of natural light in to help create an enticing space.

Idea #1: An Entertainment Space for Good Health

Have you ever found yourself wanting to prioritize your physical health more? An at-home gym may be a great option for an entertainment space in your home. Designing a home gym will keep you strong and energized, just like your favorite literature rejuvenates your mind. Thanks to this fantastic entertainment space approach, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without leaving the comfort of your home.

Idea #2: Decorate with Potted Plants

Do you have a green thumb? If you have a small entertainment space and are a plant-lover, constructing a plant room is for you! Plants have a calming effect, add a funky decor element, and are really great for indoor air quality as well. Bonus points if your small space is a sunroom!

Idea #3: Multi-Functional Design

When space is limited, opt for a design that serves multiple functions. For example, install cabinets with hidden storage behind the TV or a Murphy bed that can be brought down or tucked away to accommodate guests.

Idea #4: Under the Stairs Magic

Do you have an awkward space under your stairs that has never been utilized? Make refreshing use of this space by creating an at-home bar, or reading nook. You will be mixing a cocktail with friends or having a low-key night in, in no time!

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Hiring a Contractor to Remodel Your Entertainment Space

Contact Titus Contracting today for more ideas about improving your entertainment space, making a small room feel bigger, or starting on your lower level or basement project. Together, we can design an entertainment room that covers function, form and feeling in a way that makes any sized room feel spacious and unique!