According to a report by The National Association of Home Builders, the Remodeling Market Index (RMI) increased by three points to 56 during the second quarter of 2014. For the fifth consecutive quarter, this RMI reading has been above 50. This means more home remodelers are reporting that market activity is higher than those who report it is lower. This is great news for the residential remodeling industry! Residential remodeling in Minneapolis is quite busy these days, as you can tell, and we are seeing a few trends emerging now that will carry over into the new year.

Layered Lights

When you think of lighting, you probably think of lamps, right? In this day and age, a variety of lighting options in your home is key. Chandeliers and pendant lighting are great choices for your hallways, kitchen and bathrooms. This type of lighting is easier on your eyes and actually illuminates the room better than harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. And if you use under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen, it’s easier to see smaller items like cookbooks, collections or decorations.


Vinyl tile, granite tile and other types of tile work are really in style right now. You can get a high-end look but still at a budget-friendly price. And tile is quite versatile. It comes in a wide variety of materials, colors and patterns. It’s an easy way to complement your cabinetry and counters without a lot of hassle or expense.


Utilizing space to satisfy two needs is a big residential remodeling trend. For example, if you add an extension to your kitchen, some people want to add a master suite or in-law suite above it. So you still have one foundation and one roof, but there is more living space overall.

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