Considering a home project in 2023? Explore our list of our Twin Cities designer-approved home trends we expect to see this year. 

When it comes to trends, finding the balance between trendy and timeless can be tricky. Our interior design team always puts functionality first when it comes to project goals, but sometimes the right project or space calls for a little creativity! 

That’s where trends often come into the picture…

Read below for 12 of the top home remodeling trends to expect in 2023.

Overall Trends

1. Warm Tones

We personally think warm tones will always be timeless. So we’re glad this is trending! Many homeowners are looking for warm and soft styles that are inviting and elicit and relaxing atmosphere. To create spaces like these, we embrace design elements like off-white cabinets, brass or bronze finishes, and subtle patterns.

2. Natural Materials 

This is another trend we think is always in style. Do you see a trend in our list? Natural materials have hit a high point in popularity the past few years and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. A few favorite ways we see natural materials used in homes are natural stone countertops and white oak cabinetry.

Raw Wood Floating Shelves in Lower Level Bar

3. Home Offices

The work from home era continues to surge as it becomes a preferred style of career for some which means home offices are here to stay. Functionality is very important in home offices, and we love designing offices that balance storage and style seamlessly.


Kitchen Trends

4. Colorful Kitchen Islands

If you love contrast and color, this trend is for you! Blue and green are the two most popular colors we see for kitchen islands.

Blue Kitchen Island

5. Cabinet Storage

Functional cabinet storage has become the main character in the kitchen in the last few years. Homeowners are seeking less clutter which requires thoughtfully designed storage solutions. Our design team will listen to your wants and needs and create a list of custom storage needs that they see fit for your cabinetry layout.

Cabinet Storage Mixer Pull-Out

6. Workstation Sinks

This trend is another result of the past few years and more time being spent at home. Workstation sinks are a great investment if you love to cook! They are available in all kinds of sizes, styles and accessories for things like chopping, straining, drying and other functions.


Bathroom Trends

7. Spa Bathrooms

Many clients of ours are desiring a bathroom space that functions for more than just the everyday. They want a relaxing experience, and a spa-like atmosphere. A few of our favorite features to accomplish their goals are: steam showers, multiple-shower heads, and heated towel bars.

Spa Bathroom Remodel

8. Bold Contrast

Clean and crisp bathrooms continue to dominate in the bathroom world, but dark contrasting colors are on the rise! Would you go bold with black or navy in your bathroom?

Modern Bathroom Vanity

9. Curbless Showers

Curbless showers are a fantastic option to accommodate all ages and abilities. We are seeing the floor tile run continuously from the main bathroom area into the shower to create a streamlined look while also remaining safe and a nonslip surface.


Basement Trends

10. Built-ins 

Custom built-ins designed to fit your home? You’re speaking our language! Storage and organization continues to be a trend all throughout the home. Built-ins keep any room’s chaos at ease while adding a stylish element to the space.

11. Multiple Seating Options

If you like to entertain, listen up! It’s important to consider multiple seating options when designing your living or basement space to accommodate multiple types of gatherings such as an intimate occasion or lively party. Our interior designers specialize in space planning and would be happy to help you achieve this timeless trend in your new basement area.

Basement Remodel Ideas

12. Color

Neutrals have been around for awhile, but a trend we expect to see stay around this year is color. Homeowners have started to become more adventurous, and we think wallpaper is helping to add flame to the color fire as well. The color trend is also becoming popular in basements and lower level areas which we think is genius because most often there is less light in these spaces so what better way to liven up a space than with a vibrant color?

Our favorite trend? Helping you to create a space that you love with a design that fits your style and your home

Our design team are experts in helping you achieve the end result you want with professionalism, thoughtful design, and excellent communication. 

Titus Contracting is here to help leverage 2023’s home remodeling to create a timeless home you’ll love for years to come. Contact us today to get started. 952-746-7817